– What are the forced bet in agen poker? There are different types of rules in agen poker games. From which one is forced bet. Be it any of the poker game they need some amount from the forced bets to have a starting amount for the players with whom you are playing. With this starting amount players get an initial cost with which they can start dealing with each hand for one or two players.

agen poker

 Types of forced bet


 Ante is a form of forced bet in which every player who is playing this agen poker game will give an equal amount of money or chips into the bet before start playing the real game. This money is moreover used by the players only at some stage of the game and they could be single unit or may be in double unit, which means that half or less amount is being used by players of this bet. This is important for each player to be the part of this hand, though this whole process happens in a slow speed. By doing this they collect some amount of money, So that they can give some money to all the players who are in this game but the amount is very small. This incentive is given to the players because they have played the hands rather than quitting the game while the starting bet was taking part.  This game encourages all the players who are in the game to carry on with the game more conveniently by keeping the cost low as to compare with actual pot size in the game.


A blind bet is a type of forced bet in which generally one or more player participate in this game. This game consist of two parts, one comes that player who will deals the hands when the dealer is done with his part and this is considered as the half part of the whole bet, and  the other player plays his hand which is called as a whole bet. This structure of the two blinds dominates the structure of the game. Sometimes they use only one blind bet is used and sometimes more than three bets are used this depends on the requirement of the game. When these players play three blind games then the very first bet will be paid by the dealer of that particular game and the term is said to be on button.